About Zimbabwe Action Group

The Zimbabwe Action Group is a human rights organisation which seeks to promote and help in the protection of human rights both in the UK and in Zimbabwe.
We are democratically-led by our National Executive Committee and implement decisions made by our members and affiliates at our Annual General Meeting. Individuals can join ZAG and organisations are able to affiliate to us.
ZAG was established in 2005, to develop and promote solidarity in the UK and internationally with the Zimbabwean people.

What ZAG does

ZAG works to:

  • To raise awareness of human rights and responsibilities among Zimbabweans in the UK.
  • To organise, coordinate and encourage more Zimbabweans to actively participate in Human Rights campaigns broadly defined.
  • Provide a signposting service to useful information and contacts such as Amnesty International, Liberty, The Refugee Council and NASS, Zimrights etc
  • To maintain a lively Zimbabwean Diaspora community that is conscious of its cultural identity and heritage within the context of life in Britain.
  • To foster social cohesion amongst Zimbabwean persons within their host communities and thus mitigate any feelings or effects of isolation, social exclusion or racial abuse.
  • To provide a forum for association, consultation and mutual support.
As part of our responsibility to the Zimbabwean people, we hold numerous public meetings...
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ZAG Constitution